Time on Earth VS Heaven

by | Jul 9, 2022 | Blogs & News


When we human think about some years ago, month ago, last week and the past hour, it is something that we remember as the past. We remember what the circumstances and the situations that we went through. They could be good or bad stuff that we went through, and they stay in our mind for quite sometimes even many years to come.

One day is the cycle of the sun, going down and coming back up to complete the 24 hours, which completes one day. It is all set for us from heaven for completeness, this one-day cycle is not even a minute or a second short, it is complete.

I’ve mentioned in the book, we have 12 hours half day, 24 hours full day, Jesus Christ chose 12 disciples then these 12 disciples got power and the Holy Spirit in them from Jesus Christ. They then turned them into apostles after Jesus Christs resurrection. There were 12 tribes in Israel, Jacob had 12 sons, each were the head or father of 12 tribes of Israel, Jesus Christ was born in December the 12th month, we have 12 days of Christmas. Jesus Christ returns with be in the period of 12 years as I am writing this article in 2022.

Number 12 times is mentioned in the bible about 187 times. Number 12 means perfection or authority and completeness. These signs that I mentioned are right in front of our eyes daily. Nothing comes out of nowhere. For thousands of years generation to generation, these 24 hours full day cycle repeats itself over and over, we are not even short of one second in day, month and a year. This is all designed for us from heaven.

Other Plants

Even when you look at the other planets. You see Mars has 25 hours in a full day, Jupiter has 10 hours in a full day, Saturn has 11 hours in a day, Uranus has 17 hours in a day, Neptune has 16 hours in a day, Mercury has 1.4 hours in a full day and Venus has 5.8 hour in a full day. What do you think of all this?

Do you really think all these signs just came out of nowhere, or they are made only by evolution on earth? I explained in the book and in one of the articles about evolution, you can refer to them if you like.

The earth our planet has the completeness in hours, minutes and hours. When we say God is perfect, and then we also need to know that God, the only true God with his power created perfect and complete things, they are right in front of our eyes.

In heaven there is no time at all, in space there is no time, only humans count the time in space, but for the space itself the time doesn’t count. It is like human breathe air every second, but you don’t need to breathe when you are in heaven. Heaven is completely different world than our world where we live on earth. There is no time in heaven. Heaven only tracks our past, present and our future on earth. The heaven knows the whole history on earth.

If you like to read and understand more, you are welcome to refer to my book.