Two Invisible Super Powers

Two longest enemies, we do not see them, but they see us all the time
They do not need weapons, guns, tanks, or warships to fight,
But they have Spirit! They told me I’ll become one of Them.
Follow me on this journey, I will take you to the truth, the true God!

God’s first message: ” I’m preparing you, says the Lord. You feel like why me or how am I going to make it through. I can’t take one more thing(disappointment). God says, it’s not on you but to trust Him. When you are weak that’s when I show up strong. Trust in me! You don’t feel equip but I am everything what you need. I am not like man: I will never leave you or forsake you. In this season get into your word and let it carry you. God is saying that you need to focus solely on Him. The enemy wants to distract you”.

Our only true God’s message is not only for me. He also refers to all mankind on earth. I received this message at the right time and in the right place by a prophet that knew everything about me, which I never met before in my life. All the proofs and evidence, one by one are mentioned in the book. There’s nothing hidden. The Lord’s powerful words in this message means a lot for all mankind and our future generation.

I promise you; you’ll never regret reading my book. It is life changing. I am not doing this for earthly prosperities. This is my Gift to all mankind on earth. You can see my spirit in my music.

You want to believe me or not: Jesus Christ second return is getting closer, as you see the whole world is in turmoil. Be ready for Him.

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