How were we designed

by | Jul 9, 2022 | Blogs & News

Where did humans come from? Who shaped and designed our human structural body?

I want to assure you; we were not made or shaped by the EVOLUTION. Evolution is made out of TIME. This means time changes things; it can be anything or any object and as we know time is just time, passing years, month, days and hours.

The question is, does time (evolution) change shape and design our human structural body? As we know time is just time, there is nothing specific or special in the time.

Human Structure

Let’s go to our human structural body and designs. If we look at every inch of inside and outside of our body and you pay attention, to every inch of our body how it is made and designed for a specific reason and purpose. THERE IS NOTHING IN OUR BODY FOR NO REASON.

Body Cells

What is our body made of? Body cells are everywhere, the cells & DNA are in veins, muscles, skins, bones, nails, hairs, eyes, arteries, heart, stomach, longs, brain and every other organ and part in our body. Every cell is made and designed for a reason and purpose. Also, our body cells are designed to function for a certain time (years and month). These cells are not designed to stand and function for 200 years or more. They are just designed for certain time and purpose. Only if we keep up with all these cells and take care of them then our body cells can live little longer.


Again, nothing comes from nowhere. Something or somebody had to make all these cells. WHO DID ALL THIS? There is only one person that can do all this, he who is perfect, who has majestic power, who is pure, who has mercy love and passion.

Simple Example

Anyone can make and invent something, even a simplest thing. Let’s say you want to build a small room in your backyard behind your house. The very first thing that you do is to sit down and design where you want to put it. You measure things and you come up with the design. Then you write down all your ideas like what you want to have in this little room and the purpose for it. You give your heart and passion to create your idea, you want it to be perfect. Now you start to build it and you work on it until it is down. Then you enjoy it, you look at it all the time.

Now, let’s go back to my last question. Who made and designed the human body cells?
Designing and building a room is not that difficult. Believe me, designing and shaping the body cells is the very difficult. Nobody can do this unless he is perfect, has majestic power and passion. HE IS THE ONE THAT CAN DO ANYTHING HE WANTS WITH HIS MAJESTIC POWER. We were designed in his image.

This person is not human at all. Now, ask yourself this question. Is there a person in human and earth’s history that had or can do this job that you know of? To my knowledge according to the bible, Jesus Christ the son of God performed some miracles and signs when he was on earth, Jesus Christ performed 37 different miracles. Jesus’s best miracle was when he brought back a dead man when he was dead for 4 days. Lazarus, this man was dead for 4 days.

How can this be?

Ask yourself this question. What happens to the body of person when he is has been dead for 4 days, especially during that time on earth. when they did not embalm your body or have a cool place to preserve the body.

When a person dies, the very first organ that stops functioning is the heart. When the heart stops pumping, the blood flow stops. Then the blood inside all the veins and armories become harder and harder. After a few days the whole body starts decomposing. Jesus Christ knew this man; he went into where this dead man was, prayed deeply to his heavenly father. He ordered to this dead man to stand up and walk. The dead man got up and walked.

HOW IT IS POSSIBLE? What kind of power can do this?

Remember this, Jesus Christ prayed very deeply to his heavenly father. His father in heaven helped Jesus Christ to accomplish his miracle. OUR ONLY TRUE GOD, THE HEAVENLY FATHER. THE ONE THAT HAS AUTHORITY OVER EVERYTHING. The only way they could bring this man back to life is if they knew how the body was created.

I have all the explanations, proofs and signs in my book for your knowledge and more information. You are very welcome to refer to my book.