No Mercy

by | Jul 8, 2022 | Blogs & News


AS I go through all my past and I ask myself how or why me? Then I come to a conclusion, I see whoever I served, helped and blessed turned against myself and became my enemy. I tell you very briefly then at the end I tell you why!!

My History

Year 1985 When I was in Iran at the age of 16, I worked hard day and night for a year and half, I saved some money then it was taken by a family member.
The person that took it all my money did not show any remorse at all. It was like whatever I worked for belong to him, my money didn’t belong to me at all.
Then I moved to Holland 1992, I worked delivering newspaper with bicycle in the cold snowy early mornings as I remember I sometimes would cry, I could feel all my fingers numbness.
After saving some money then I managed to buy a pizza business, but because I was alone and inexperienced, I had to sell the business.                   I moved to US in 1997 with my money I received for selling the pizza business.
I worked in a restaurant for $5 an hour in Seattle Washington. I also worked difficult job doing house remodeling for $7 an hour. I managed to save $5000 in a year.
Then I moved to Tampa Florida in 1998 with the money from the pizza business and the job doing construction. I didn’t have green card to open a bank account. I had to give all my money to my mother’s brother (I guess uncle) who claimed to be very rich. He was a US citizen. He said he would keep my money in his bank account until somehow, got my life in order.

After next two weeks meeting him and his family for the first time of my life, they bought me a $10 watch. I began working for this uncle using his name for almost two years. I worked 15 hours a day and went days without food or water sometimes becoming sick because my body was very weak. After two years working, I received nothing back from this person, not even the money that I gave him in the beginning when I met him. He took everything from me.

It was lots of pressure; I was depression and stressed out a lot of time. After two years, I calculated my mother’s brother owes me around $150000, but after all the problems that I went through I got nothing back. Look at here, he bought me $10 watch, and he made nearly $150000 from me.

Starting Over Again

I started my life again from zero in year 2000. God helped me to succeed. I bought my first house, I got married 2004 and had my son in 2006. Then I bought my second house in year 2008 and the third house 2010. I became a landlord, and owned my own business dealing, buying, repairing and selling the most professional musical keyboards in the world. I was doing very well despite all the setbacks.

Sleep Mode

While I was very busy with my marriage and taking care of almost everything, I also tried to make my marriage work. I was in the state of sleeping mode I did not know it then.

I didn’t know some people have some plan for me, like my own wife. In 14 years of my marriage, I took care of all the bills, paid off all the houses, cooked most of the time, bought my Ex-wife gifts, jewelry for Christmas, her birthdays, valentines and other events.
My ex had an old car when I met her before our marriage. In the year 2006 we managed to buy her a nice car. Then in 2014 we managed to buy her another nice car. I bought a boat and took my family to the lake often. In the beginning of year 2016, I helped her to pay off her car. I must admit, I wasn’t a perfect husband, but I was doing my best.

After a month or maybe two later, she filed for divorce. I was shocked, I never expected this. The woman that I lived with for 14 years in paid off houses and I did so many things for, plus having a gorgeous child together. Took me in front of two attorneys and mediation woman in the courthouse.

My body was shaking in that room. They all ripped me off, they made me pay her $210000 without counting the houses repairs, real state commission fees and bunch of other stuff.

I didn’t have that money. They made me get a $115000 loan (mortgage) on the primary paid off house. I had to borrow money from family. I could see happiness in the Ex’s face that I took care for 14 years. The woman that came into my life with only $25000 from her house that she sold before our marriage, ended up with $210000. Very good business to get marry and divorce to make some money, especially with women who had a 10-year-old kid.

In the divorce court room, they even made me to sign a paper for her to get all our furniture. I went into severe depression; I started smoking a pack of cigarettes every day. I had no appetite and didn’t even want to drink water. I became very skinny, lost nearly 50 pounds. It was so bad that I didn’t do anything else; I just wanted to smoke cigarettes and die.

I lost Everything

I couldn’t concentrate on my son, the son that was always near me, playing tennis, ping pong, boating swimming, playing soccer and other stuff. It was so bad that I even lost the relationship with my son, my only son, he was my life.

The wound inside me became bigger and bigger. My ex-wife slowly took my son away from me. She married again with a man, only after 6 months of our divorce. Their marriage lasted only 6 months. She then stole my son and went to Jacksonville, Florida while I was in the state of all of total depression, suicidal and darkness.

I was alone, didn’t know what to do. I sold everything or gave most of the house stuff free to people. Then I moved to Jacksonville, Florida. I didn’t know how to start my life again. Especially in that big city that I never lived in, and I did not know anyone. I had no one who to wanted help me and guide my life, including my EX that I took care of for 14 years. The woman that stole my son, MY ONLY SON. I was confused, just wanted die.

I actually took may be around 30 pills to take my own life, I became very sick, throw up a lot, but now I know that God had other plans for me. It was hard I lived and slept in my car in the hot and sweaty days and nights in Florida.

My First Message

One night around 11 pm, I parked my car at a gas station. While I was very skinny almost 110 pounds, in depression and thinking of the dark past. A Honda car parked next to my car; I saw the driver started reading his bible. All of the sudden, I walked to him. I told him what happened to me.

Then the driver told me, “I normally don’t come to this gas station, but I am sent to give you this message. “The message is do not go to the past, I see them all around you”. I asked him who are they? He said, ” THE DEMONS”.
That gentleman told me, “You lost everything because of you”, if you go to the past then these demons will follow you and take more away from you”.

The driver left after 20 minutes, and I never saw him again. I still didn’t know what is going on. Until I ended up back in Georgia in a church in front of a prophet Peter. Then I ended up in Indiana in front of another prophet Ernestine. Until I finally ended up in Wisconsin in front of another saint person, the most interesting person in my life, Dave. I found out what is exactly going with me all throughout my life and my past, but why me?

Why Me?

When you go back to Jesus Christs time, you know, Jesus Christ helped, healed and blessed lots of people. These same people with the help of Satan/the prince of this world took him on the cross. He died in his own blood in horrific way. I am not Jesus Christ; I am not perfect like Jesus Christ. But the Satan/devil and demons are the same as 2000 years ago when Jesus Christ was on earth. If you would like to know more about Jesus, heavenly father and Holy Spirit, then you are welcome to refer to my book.