The Power of Heaven

by | Jul 8, 2022 | Blogs & News


The heaven is a mighty and majestic place that is created by our creator God all Mighty. It is a place way and way beyond our imaginations. When was heaven created? The answer is beyond my estimate or anyone’s estimate. Only our creator, Jesus Christ the son of God, angels, spirit of apostles and the Holy Spirit (the Holy Ghost) know the answer.

Heaven is a place that devotion and obedient to our creator and Jesus Christ the son of God is complete. In heaven nothing goes wrong. A place where greatest power of all in universe is.

In Heaven they know our every move. The power of heaven created and designed us as well as everything around us. They designed and programmed us only for very short period of time on earth. We as humans think we are in complete control, but we are not. God has given us limited authorities on earth. We make decisions on earth but because we are not perfect our decisions determine if we make it to heaven or not because of desires and deeds.

As I mentioned above the heaven is a complete place of devotion and obedient. It is a place of all saints and purity. When the God gives an order then it will be done. Heaven has already written our fate and destinies. Angels have completely devotion to our God.

Beauty & Peace

Heaven is the most perfect and beautiful place in universe. It is totally different place than where we are or what we see on earth. Not even comparable!! They love us unconditionally, because they designed us. It is like when a man and a woman make a kid, they love their kid unconditionally. One of the differences between a parent on earth and our God is, a parent will be with their kid for very short period of time on earth. Our lord and creator who originally designed us, is there forever and ever.

In Heaven they watch and see generations and generations come and go on earth. They record our all good or wrong doings. They watch us very patiently throughout all our lives every day and every year. The heaven knows all about every generation that has come and gone since God created and designed mankind. Heaven has only one enemy God’s #1 enemy is the Satan.