The Spirits Power

by | Jul 8, 2022 | Blogs & News


God, the creator the heaven even before the earth was formed, decided to design the earth and everything in it. God also had all his restless angels with him before he created and designed the earth. He already had future plans ahead of time, to create US as human. For God 1000 years of human on earth is like 10 years, such a short period of time!!

God, the creator is way beyond what we human think about. In one of my articles, I explained nothing was created by evolution in the beginning, evolution is empty, and evolution is only time.

Where do we come from?

We as humans always want a quick answer. How do we find a quick answer for our question, especially when we come to this question “Where did we originally come from?” Some say everything is made by evolution. Remember this; even the smartest person on earth won’t live more than 100 or so years. We are only designed for a very short period of time on earth. It is all proven!! Even a smartest person on earth cannot create even one leaf on the branch of a tree.

Evolution could not create the first tree, plant or person. Think about it evolution is time. So where did it come from originally? Our heavenly Father!


A person or a boss who is educated and has plenty of knowledge start a company like oil refinery somewhere. Then he decides in order for him to keep all his employees working, he must build houses and a small shopping center around his company.  He creates a small town and comfortable living style for all his employees. This company’s boss sees his employees and his company every day. Likewise, his employees see their boss everyday as well.

I used this as an example in regard to our Creator. One of the differences is, on earth we see our bosses but in regard to our God we don’t see him, but he sees us.

Creation & deeds

God our designer and creator, created the earth and everything for us to live and function as he intended. He gives us what we need in order to survive this short period of time that we are on this planet. Our God is not a human; he is someone beyond our imagination. Our future is already recorded, and all our past is recorded as far as our past deed. How we functioned, if we did good or bad. Our deeds and past determine where we’ll go after this life. God determines and decides if we followed all his commandments or not.


God created the bible the book of life for us with all his instructions and commandments. The Bible is the book that talks to us and tells what God intentions for us are. It tells us about the past, our present and the future.  We are tempted and distracted from our God it can be a difficult task to adhere to his word. Our God is very complicated. God is a spirit, he is a very powerful spirit, we don’t see him, but he sees us.

He created everything and he has authorities over everything. His followers are his mighty angels, apostle and some humans that know him and follow him every day. You easily can see his power all around you. Everything all around you bow in front of God. Let me tell you what power I am talking about. He is able to wipe out the human race, the earth and everything it if he chose to do so he is very powerful.

My question is, if he designed us everything on earth then why would destroy us? For answering this question, you are very welcome to refer to my book.