The Power of Satan

by | Jul 7, 2022 | Blogs & News

POWER OF SATAN/DEVIL/DEMONS (the destroyers of all)

When we go back to geneses time in the bible, even when God made Adam and Eve. God commanded Adam and Eve do not eat of that fruit, but they did not listen, and they did exactly what God told them not to.

What do you think caused Adam and Eve not to listen to God?

It was the power of Satan!!
When we go back the time when Jesus Christ was on earth. Jesus the Messiah he could see the devil and demons. Why, because Jesus had the power of the Holy Spirit to see them.

People could not see the devil, very simple; because the people did not have the spirit and power as Jesus had. Even Satan/evil/demons tried to tempt Jesus Christ himself, but because Jesus Christ already knew them, and they were the heavenly father’s #1 enemy. They were and are the longest enemies in universe.

Jesus the Messiah had the power to remove the demons from inside the people. He easily could order to demons to come out of people’s body and go into pigs and animals. Jesus Christ even had the power to kill the demons and devils.

Who is Satan, devil and demons?

Long time ago in heaven, even before the world was created, some of God’s angels did not want to listen to God’s command and rebelled against God.

Why, because God is strict on his commandments and his orders. Nobody can mess with God’s orders. When God says this or that it must be done. These orders must be done without any question or doubt.

So, those angels could not swallow God’s orders, and God kicked them out of heaven.

Then those angels regrouped and chose a leader which is called Satan (the leader of all bad and destroyers), the #1 enemy of God!!

Remember this, God’s angels have spirit’s power and those angels that the God threw out of heaven had spirit’s power as well. They use their power against God all the time. They have the power to manipulate and destroy in any way they can. They go after whatever God created human and everything on earth. Satan/devil rand demon’s main strategy is the human. They easily cause human to divert and go further away from God.


Satan the leader of all the devil and demons is very powerful. He doesn’t want people to obey God’s commandments. The main problem is the human cannot see these bad guys. These devils and demons can easily enter human’s flesh and spirit and cause troubling situations. That is why you see suicides, murdering, wars and stealing. Remember we don’t see them, but they see us all the time. They have power beyond what we can imagine.


Now let’s go back to when Jesus Christ was on earth. Jesus Christ already knew Satan/prince of this world has bad plans. As you know number 12 in biblical is very important, because the number 12 is a complete number. 12 month a year, 12 hours half day 24 hours full day and more. Number 12, 187 times mentioned in the bible. As you know Jesus Christ chose 12 disciples, he had a big reason why he chose 12 disciples; the reason is mentioned in the book.

At the same time Satan knew why Jesus Christ chose 12 disciples, Satan had a strategy to disrupt Jesus Christ’s goal. Satan’s aim was to interrupt what Jesus Christ created and turn it against Jesus Christ. Satan chose the right person JUDAS (one of Jesus Christ disciples) to destroy Jesus Christ and also his number 12 (12 disciples).

Satan caused one of Jesus Christ 12 disciple to betray and hand over Jesus Christ to the high authorities. Jesus Christ already knew what Satan’s was up to. Satan could not stand Jesus Christ being on earth. He tried his best to destroy Jesus Christ and his followers which he succeeded in doing.

Satan chose Judas to betray Jesus Christ only for some money. Jesus Christ already knew Judas’s plan orchestrated by Satan. After Jesus Christ was betrayed and handed to the high authorities and crucified on cross.

Later they found Judas’s dead body which his stomach was tore out. So, Satan achieved his goal by taking Jesus Christ on the cross. This also destroyed the number 12 that Jesus Christ created.

Jesus Christ and heavenly father knew all, but the people did not know. After Jesus resurrected, he gave the disciples power, knowledge and wisdom. These disciples chose one disciple to complete number 12, which Jesus Christ had originally created.

When these 12 disciples received power and wisdom from Jesus Christ, they then turned to into APOSTLES. They could perform many signs and miracles.

Remember this, it doesn’t matter what trouble Satan/devils and demons can create. JESUS Christ ALWAYS WINS IN THE END.

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