Who are we?

by | Jul 9, 2022 | Blogs & News


Humans for many, many generations have asked this very important question. Most of us have come and gone without having the answer for this main question.

Because of geographically location. Some of us had an opportunity to look around and to make the right choice, but some of us that left, did not have the opportunity to look around to get the answer for our first primary question.

The answer to these two questions, circles around these three answers; Evolution, God, other gods.

Which one? What is evolution? Evolution is when the time passes. It can be millions of years or thousands of years or shorter time. Like for example, you say, it takes 9 months for a baby to become complete in the mother’s womb, then to be born. Another scenario would be if you say the evolution created us from the beginning. We were like monkey then we became who we are now, after millions or thousands of years.

My opinion

Is if you believe in evolution then the evolution must continue, and never stops. Then my question to you is what will look like in the next 500 years or 1000 years.

Bodily we are already complete, we don’t need more things or more organs. So, if evolution was how we were made then evolution must continue. If you think a little deeper then you see this: Evolution is time and empty. Evolution (time) can’t think, decide and create.

As I explained evolution doesn’t answer and explain the very first question. Now, let’s move to God or other gods. If the evolution didn’t create us, then something or somebody should be responsible for life’s chain.

In the book I explained the whole universe and our world is almost the same as a country or state. Any country in the world cannot be run by two presidents or two kings. No states can be run by two governors. Now look at this, we have 200 to 300 different gods on earth, in India alone there are around 250 different gods. Every area you travel in India, you can see people worship different gods. Actually, one of them is to worship Man’s Penis. So, this theory won’t work at all.

 Who made us and where we come from?

The universe’s creator and all the life’s chain on earth should work with the same theory.
Whoever made of us, had to be only one creator, he can’t have any competitor or partner like himself, otherwise they would have all kinds of disagreements and fights. Two creators with disagreements and fights about who will have control over all these life’s chains and believe me if we would have two or more creators or gods in the universe then you would not see all this beauty, on earth and in the whole universe. So, let’s be honest, this theory won’t work.

Now, my answer to our original question is, we were, and everything around us is created by “ONE GOD AND ONE CREATOR”.