Wake up Call

by | Jul 5, 2022 | Blogs & News

Wake up Call!!!!

We will see Christ in 12 years
The last 2000 years the earth was controlled by the devil.
Jesus was on earth for 12 years, he started preaching at age 30. So, if you add that together
2000 years + 34 years Jesus was on the earth = 2034
Wake up!!

Two Super Powers

You have no idea whom you are dealing with; there are two very powerful forces on the earth: Holy Spirit power (Heavenly father, Jesus Christ, Apostles and the Angels) they created us and everything on earth with love. They are Heaven and Earth; they know all the past and the future.

The prince of the underworld Satan; is the destroyer.

They are in constant battle over us. The Holy Spirit is above the power of Satan. The Holy Spirit tries to bring peace and love and Satan tries to bring distrust and destruction.

You only need a little faith to believe in Jesus Christ the Messiah, because we all know that Jesus Christ performed miracles, he healed the sick, brought back a man from death after 4 days. He knows the past and can foresee the future. Jesus Christ also knows when he will return to the earth to judge his people.

The news of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ did so many good things on the earth. The news of Jesus Christ spread in the region that he is the Messiah the King of the Jews. The Jewish leaders at the time were in control of the religious powers. They were very jealous of the rumors of Jesus Christ was the King of the Jews.

They captured Jesus Christ and put him on the judgement table in front of King Herod (Pontius Pilate). When Herod asked Jesus Christ are you the King of the Jews? Jesus Christ said “NO” I am not the king of this world, but I am the king of another world. Jesus Christ did not resist; he was not looking for power on earth. He only had one mission on earth to spread the word of his father, the Holy Spirit.

Herod the king asked the people who he should pardon, a criminal or Jesus Christ who has done nothing wrong. The people cried crucify him, Jesus Christ the king of Jews.

Herod handed Jesus Christ over to the people and he was whipped, tortured, spat on and a crown of thorns was placed on his head. He was made to carry his own heavy cross to the hill on which they placed him with nails threw his hands and feet. He was very thirsty; they only gave him wine that was mixed with vinegar to parch his thirst. Even as Jesus was dying, he cried out “Father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing”.

The Jewish leader thought they had won the battle with the Messiah. They did not know that Jesus Christ died on that cross for the forgiveness of all our sins. This was the moment that Satan was waiting for so that he could spread destruction the earth. To create evil among the people without Jesus Christ on the earth to stop him.

Then Jesus Christ arose from the dead, many people became his followers and spread his word, even with the devil in control he could not take the faith from the people.

Jesus Purpose

The world is full of sin and destruction. Jesus Christ could have stayed here on earth for he was only here to spread his message. A message that has lasted 1000’s of years. He was here to show his signs and miracles and then go back to kingdom of heaven. A place where there is no sin. It is the cleanest place in the universe. This is a place that not everyone will be invited to enter, but there is salvation for all who believe and put their faith in the Lord, God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

God our Father deserve the highest respect, after all that he has done for their people. Sadly, though we are influenced by the devil, we make sinful decisions daily, instead of living a life in faith. Jesus Christ gave up his own life for his people, he did not cry or beg for his life to be spared, he was not afraid to die and go to heaven.

99% of the people are afraid to die, but we should all welcome the chance to go to heaven to be with the Heavenly Father.

After Jesus Christ resurrection, he assumed a human form just as angels have done before. As a spiritual creature and Jesus Christ appeared as a bright light.

Different Spirits

This is very important, there are two different spirits. The spirit of light (Father in Heaven, Jesus Christ, the spirit of blessing, healing, miracles and love).  Then the spirit of darkness (the prince of the underworld Satan, the spirit of destruction). The spirit of light like Jesus Christ’s never fades away. When you believe in Jesus Christ the sinless spirit, it will never die it stays alive forever. The spirit of darkness can and will fade away and die if you put your faith in the spirit of light.

When we talk about the resurrection of Jesus Christ and that he died on the cross so that our sins could be forgive it is very easy to talk about, but you need to also put it into practice. It takes a lot of courage to believe and to spread his word. People are afraid of being shunned just as Jesus Christ was, but you will find in your heart so much joy and peace. A sense of calm in your soul to know you will someday meet the creator of heaven and earth. We all have to do our part to spread his word and to save many poor souls from a life of destruction.

Remember the Number 12.

We have exactly 12 months in the year. 12 hours in the day and 12 hours in evening. Jesus Christ was born in the 12th month. We have 12 days of Christmas. There are 12 disciples that turned to apostles after receiving the power of the Holy Spirit in them. Jesus Christ was 12 years old when he questioned the scholars in the temple. There are 12 Legions of Angels.

There are 12 music notes in a scale. The wall of Jerusalem has 12 foundations with the 12 names of the apostles. The city of Jerusalem measured 12000 furlongs and the wall is 144000 cubits (12 x 12 = 144). The number 12 is mentioned 187 times in the bible. There are many more times or signs of the number 12, these are just a few you can look them up online.

This is the time that we need to put our faith in the lord. It is time to spread his word. For Jesus Christ return is coming soon and you want to be prepared to be judged by the Lord so you may have eternal life in heaven.