How Jesus Christ is able to bring back to life, transfer and cleanse the dead spirit inside a person?

by | Jul 5, 2022 | Blogs & News

How Jesus Christ is able to bring back to life, transfer and cleanse the dead spirit inside a person?

Right after my divorce, I went through all kind of darkness. I burnt $50000 cash with my own hands. There was a force that caused me only to focus on the past, this force didn’t want me to go forward. It only wanted me to stay in the past, fear and negative stuff. I really didn’t know what it was. Until it caused me to lose everything even my houses and I end up sleeping in my car and on street.

This force took me through all kind of irrational and suicide thoughts. I was a person that never was interested in owning a gun or even holding a gun. Plus, I liked money because I worked for the money that I had. But this negative force took it all away from me. I even lost the closeness of the relationship that I had with my own son. This force took me into the closet inside my master bedroom, I slept inside the dark closet for several month.

Then I went and bought a small gun I even tried to take my own life several times. I burnt up $50000 cash money with my own hands. On one occasion I tried to hang myself with the ties that I had inside the closet. I heard my heartbeat becoming slower and slower, until I couldn’t hear my heartbeat, but I someone saved me.

I didn’t want to eat, drink and enjoy life anymore. I became very skinny, my face turned dark because I only smoked cigarettes. I only had nicotine inside my body. I only wanted to smoke cigarettes, one pack a day, one after another and I only wanted die.

This negative energy caused me to go through all kind of irrational decisions until it was all too late. It did not let me ask for help. I could have asked for help from my next-door neighbors or friends. Then maybe I would not have burnt up $50000 cash. Or I could have gotten help to avoid going through all this darkness.

Then about two years after I lost everything.  I found out that this dark energy that dominated my life is the devil or demons. The #1 enemy of Jesus and heavenly father.

I have proof that the devil controlled me, and I never forget this it is a true story.

One night in April 2020, I parked my car at a gas station somewhere in Jacksonville Florida, it was around 11 pm. While I was smoking cigarettes, talking to myself in my dark, pacing back and forth. An old Honda car pulled right next to my car. I saw the driver started reading a book inside his car. All of the sudden I was drawn closer to him; he was reading the bible. I started talking to him about my dark past, how I burnt up $50000 with my own hands in my house. How I lost the houses and I blamed it all on cigarettes. I was told by one of my older tenants she said “Jam, do not smoke cigarettes, don’t let the devil get you “.

The message

The man in the car said, he normally won’t come to this part of town, but he was sent (by the good spirits) here to give me a message. He looked into my eyes and said the message is “Do not go to the past, I see them all around you. You didn’t lose your life because of smoking cigarettes. YOU LOST YOUR LIFE ONLY BECAUSE OF YOU!  Do not go to the past, I see them all around you “. Then I asked him who are they? He said the demons.

This gentleman said, if you stay in the past then they will take more from you. It was very shocking to me what he said. I started talking about the past again. He emphasized and said, “No, do not go to the past, otherwise all these demons will follow you wherever you go. Do not go to the past!

If you like to know and learn more about the Satan, devil and demons. The #1 enemies of Jesus and heavenly father. Please you are welcome to refer to my book in the Jesus/Heaven section.

God Bless!